What our Customers say...


Man I love when a contractor helps us and the customer out and keeps everyone happy

Man I love when a contractor helps us and the customer out and keeps everyone happy

You guys made me look so good recovering from this incident that I actually think I see a surge in word of mouth business coming from it.

You guys were so responsive and great to work with and I so appreciate it!

SERVPRO saved us a bunch of money. Any other company would have started demoing everything on day one. You guys waited and worked with us. That is what we want.

As the owner of Rollingwood Management Inc, a residential property management company, I've been working with Mike and Cheryl Praytor for many, many years. I have always found them and their company to be honest, reliable, knowledgeable and affordable. From carpet cleaning, water damage clean up to mold remediation, even at 2:00AM they have always been there for us. You're the best!

They work closely with customer and inform if any changes are necessary. They are prompt and cleanly.

The calmed my nerves and reassured me everything would be all right.

Thank you for all the attention to detail and making us feel better about saving our belongings.

Highly Satisfied, Great Job!

I was very pleased with SERVPRO. Everyone one of your team members were extremely professional, knowledgeable, and kind during the process. It was quite stressful and the members would be patient with us when I need things repeated or explained again. In credible service!

Tim and Mike...these two men were beyond exceptional with their kindness and expertise. They calmed my fears and reassured me that everything would be great once again.

Shocked at how great this was, we had a fire and had to move out of our house for 3 months...They really cared about our personal items in our house....We have crazy, limited edition items in our house. While the fire was happening and the fire fighters were at our house there were other businesses like this one, standing outside our house. They were ambulance chasers... I did not realize just how much this company was going to play a huge roll in our fire recovery. Thanks SERVPRO, Kory you and your team is AWESOME.

Second time around for us. Last time we used a different company. What a difference. Outstanding service.

SERVPRO did it again. They have has always taken good care of me. I know I am not their only customer but they have always been there when I need them.

Even though they had dozens of jobs they were prompt and very knowledgeable. They took the time that I needed to explain everything.

Our classrooms flooded again with the recent storm. Someone in my office called out the wrong company before you showed up. You guys are the best and they won't make that mistake again.

When the roof blew off our home during a straight line wind/rain episode in June 2014, SERVPRO was the first team our insurance company sent out to help us. Super impressive care was taken by SERVPRO to remediate/dry out our soggy interior conditions which saved our irreplaceable inlaid floors.

When I contacted SERVPRO, it was due to a crazy flood in Austin, Texas on a holiday weekend. Myself, along with about 60 other homeowners all made contact with them after hours and they graciously prioritized the calls and responded to the first 6 homeowners that called in. I was impressed that SERVPRO was at my house within 3 hours of calling, on a holiday weekend, and had equipment in place quickly

Everything was above expectations. The work done by Will was exceptional - very professional.

While away from the home for a few days we had a leak from the ac unit condensation line that was blocked. SERVPRO was there in no time, removed the wet flooring and got their equipment up and running. They did a great job, arrived on time and kept us informed of their findings and next steps. We appreciate the professionalism and had an excellent outcome.

You and your crew have really hit a home run here, as a general contractor I know what to expect from labor- but your crew has made you look exceptional.

You and your crew have done exactly what you said you would do exactly when you said you would.

Their service was excellent and I am totally satisfied with their service. Their staff is very professional and they worked really hard to handle all of our issues.

They did a great job doing everything I expected them to do and more.

Jeremy was my initial contact and took good care of me. He called and checked on me and my family when it all went down. He was helpful and super friendly and very professional. He made me fell as if he genuinely cared. He made this process so much more bearable. Thanks SERVPRO, completely satisfied!!!

This was my first experience with this type of claim. SERVPRO staff, as well as my insurance carrier, turned this from a very trying experience to one of gratitude and informative. I will definitely recommend SERVPRO in the future.

There was some furniture damage they they have agreed to fix for me. Great team - Very Helpful

Continue what you're already doing - courtesy, prompt, open to questions, knowledgeable.

Emily is knowledgeable and reliable. She and SERVPRO are great at what they do and I would highly recommend her for all damage mitigation and particularly for water-related damage.

We have used them for several years and they are one of the few companies that I use . When we give them a job order, I don't have to worry about it. They are very clear. If there is a project that won't work out they will let us know. We don't get a service charge unless they actually do the work.

I count Michael and his team as a member of my own team, setting the standard for service, dedication and professionalism through their tireless efforts to "get me home!"