Recent Commercial Before & After Photos

Leak from Above

This was a small office where there was a leak from above. The leak had not been discover for quite some time. The removal of the drywall was necessary due to t... READ MORE

Day Care Flooded

This was a pretty simple extraction and dry out. A big determining factor on the job scope is how quickly the water is found and then how quickly the customer c... READ MORE

Water Damaged Gym Floor

This local Austin, TX School had a moisture issue causing this gym floor to swell up almost 16". Gym wood floors are installed on wood screeds that run perpendi... READ MORE

Water Damaged Commercial Hallway

This hallway has tile floors with tall baseboards. See how the baseboards are pulling from the wall and the caulk is starting to separate? The baseboard in the ... READ MORE

Commercial Vandalism

After vandalism - we boarded up the exterior broken windows and doors. The call came is to clean up glass from vandalism and board up the exterior broken window... READ MORE

Commercial Mold Remediation

The plastic paneling that is installed in commercial bathrooms is a very common place for mold growth to be found after a water damage loss when not dry out pro... READ MORE