Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Ranch home near Lake Travis - Flooded Home

This flooded rental property near Lake Travis, TX occurred while the owner was away. You can see the reflection of the refrigerator in the water on the floor. ... READ MORE

You never know until you look!

This wood floor was installed over plywood which also had a plastic vapor/moisture barrier. The flooring was also installed under the cabinets. There are many ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage

Water came through the ceiling and covered this hall and other areas. A hallway with standing water can look like a huge project, however with this one it was a... READ MORE

Water Leak in Attic

This water leak started in the attic from a busted hot water heater. The water came down through multiple levels all the way to the basement area of this home ... READ MORE

Sewage Backup Residence in Austin, TX

This beautiful hardwood flooring was ruined by the water and sewage from a bathroom malfunction. The homeowners were really upset about the loss but were fortun... READ MORE

Residential Floor cleanup & Restoration - Austin, TX

This water damaged bathroom floor of this residential property was caused from a leaking supply line. Supply line leaks can be a costly and hazardous problem. T... READ MORE